What is the Goal of Humanity?

Humanity has several meanings. First, it means human beings as a collective. Two, it refers to benevolence or the quality of being a human being. Some of its synonyms include humankind, the human race, man, people, mankind, mortals, brotherliness, compassion, kindness, understanding, and sympathy among others. Understanding its meaning is one thing.

Question is, do you know what the goal of humanity is?

Why do we pursue humanity?

We are already humans so we can do nothing about that. What we should strive to do is to bring out our best qualities. For example, how do you react when you see a fellow human in pain? What do you do when you see somebody’s house burning? Are you happy at another person’s suffering?

As we pursue humanity, our goal should be to sympathize and empathize with those in worse conditions.

To some people, the goal of humanity is hand-to-mouth existence.

To others, the goal is to amass as much wealth and power as possible.

Other humans are just happy to be alive.

Is that what humanity is all about though? There has to be more than that.

Principle of universality

Humanity’s goal is to realize what’s known as the principle of universality. It requires connecting with this goal. It requires waking up to the realization that happiness is not external but internal. It is to stop worrying since we all realize that humans – just as is the case with other living things – will eventually vanish.

clouds of sky

The goal is to stop being anxious about the future.

Humanity requires that we stop fighting all these many wars between nations or tribes.

Security and efficiency

The other goal is enhancing security for everybody. All humans should enjoy personal security.

Justice system in society and law

Everybody should enjoy property security too. We all have to benefit from job security too. Improved security cannot happen without efficiency.

We have to seek to improve efficiency in all spheres of our lives. We have to stop wastages, especially once we realize that people around the world have no access to the stuff we waste or misuse on a daily basis.


Another equally important goal of humanity is equity, which refers to justice and fairness for everybody. Every person needs equal access to the same opportunities. Equity for everybody means that we all have a chance of being successful and enjoying a good quality of life.

No person should ever have to work long hours only to gain less than everybody else. Those who work should gain an equal proportion to the effort they put in.