Is technological advancement a net positive or a net negative?

In earlier days, the only entertainment system people had on their own was radio. Through the radio, they listened to the dramas, movies, songs, and news as well.

Nowadays, there are many entertainment units like Television, Music System and home theatre are available in almost all the homes. One could get theatre effects in the convenience of their home itself.

Isn’t that great?

Indeed, it is.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the technological advancements, some people even doubt that we are living in real world.

But, it comes with its own downside too. Instead of playing outside with friends, children are spending a lot of time in front of the Television. This would eventually lead to obesity in children.

Also, few children might end up having some sight problems as well.

Technological advancements made communication easier, or so it seems…

When it comes to communication, we could see a lot of advancements too.

Earlier, letters were used to send messages from one place to another. Telegrams were used in case of emergency messages.

Technological advancements

Later, with the advent of the internet, electronic mail came to existence. Through this, anyone was able to send messages at ease. The telephone also made the communication process much easier.

But through mobile phones and smartphones, people are able to send messages easily. Internet plays a vital role in the advancement of the communication filed. It makes even the communication across the continent easier. Isn’t that really makes our life simpler? Yes, indeed. But, it brings its own disadvantages too.

People are often more addicted to their smartphones and spend more time in the virtual world through the internet. They often miss spending time with people around and miss to spend quality time with their loved ones every day.

What’s the use if the husband and the wife stay online all the time without having a real conversation among them?

Doesn’t that destroy the family values altogether?

Technology has made education for everyone, but it seems not everyone enjoys it…

In the field of education, technology is playing a vital role as well. Earlier, one has to go to school and universities to learn things. The traditional system still exists too.

But the way, students taught have changed.

Nowadays, the projectors are used immensely compared to the traditional blackboards.

Online Education

Even students have the flexibility to learn the courses online. Numerous online tutors are available who could help the students and clarify their doubts anytime with ease. They don’t have to wait to go to school.

But one should understand the main purpose of going to school is just not for the sake of studying alone, it will make a person understand society better. It will make the students be part of a group and function efficiently. It will promote the teamwork too. The students will be able to network well by going to schools or universities. This benefit could not be completely accomplished in the online education system.

The students might get distracted and the meticulous learning is not really possible in the online education system. It has reduced the attention span tremendously.

Of course, the internet plays a huge part

Advancements on the internet are one of the major achievements done by technology. Through this, anything is actually possible. This has made communications much simpler. Through social media, one could keep in touch with their friends easily.

This helps in unveiling numerous career opportunities for the people as well. The Internet has made education simpler too.

Real world or simulation

Bill payments could be done using Internet banking. Money transfer has been made easier. Anything could be bought by sitting in one place using online shopping.

No commuting is required and people can shop at their own convenience.

But, it has led to major issues as well. Data theft is one of the emerging problems in today’s world. Hackers use the data and steal money using the internet.

Medicine has gone further, but can it go too far?

Much advancement has been observed in the medical industry. It has helped immensely to save the lives of many people. Few of the advancements are heart transplantation, kidney transplantation, cancer treatment, and knee or hip replacements.

future medicine

These wouldn’t have been possible without the advancement of technology.

On the other hand, if one uses mobile phones or laptops for more time, it will cause vision problems, stress, sleep issues, and neck strain. More stress could lead to depression as well.

Coin (or technology) has two sides

Positive and negative effects of technology are like two sides of a coin.

The technology advancements have both positives and negatives. The positives definitely outweigh the negative effects. But, it is also necessary to mitigate the negative effects.

People should be educated about data theft and sufficient precautions have to be adopted to prevent it.

We shouldn’t get addicted to mobile phones and use them only when it is required.

We should be made aware of the negative effects of mobile phones.

Overall, people should understand the negative effects of technology and change should come from within oneself to change the world. This would definitely make the world a better place to live.