How to Live Good Life Without Money?

Money is good. We need it to buy and pay for stuff. We need it to take our loved ones to the highest level of education.

We need it to enjoy the best medical care. We need it to live in the biggest and most furnished houses. We need it to buy high-end cars that allow us to travel in comfort and luxury.

However, can we live a good life without money?

Can we be truly happy without money?

Will we be constantly sad if we lack money?

The fact is you can live a good life without money.

How is that possible?


Learn to smile a lot. Most people only smile when they are happy. To them, a smile is the result of happiness. However, this doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Smile even when you don’t feel happy. Soon enough, happiness will envelop you. A smile is contagious. Friends loved ones, and everybody around you cannot help themselves but smile when they see you doing it. Focus on positive thoughts as a way of inducing a smile.

Think positively, smile, and see your moods improving substantially.

Let your smiles be genuine.

Be proactive in helping others

Be helpful. Lend a hand to any person who needs it. Be proactive in this instead of waiting for people to ask you for help. Volunteers are some of the most sought after people in the world. Take part in random acts of kindness.

Help others without any prompting. This way, your psyche will improve thus allowing you to be happy with yourself. Volunteer to help others and you will enjoy amazing rewards. Volunteerism guarantees higher life satisfaction too.

Ask for help and embrace social interaction

Ask for help from your friends. This could be useful if you do it in moderation though. Otherwise, your friends and loved ones may consider keeping off from you if you constantly ask for help. Nevertheless, never be too proud or afraid to ask for help. Your friends can play a huge role in making you a happy and contented individual. With their support, you can enjoy good health for years.

Invest in solid social interaction.

High social interaction leads to healthy behaviors.

Low social interaction is just as harmful as smoking fifteen cigarettes daily.

Listen to upbeat music actively

Listening to music is also capable of making you enjoy your life. You don’t need money to listen to good music. You need money to go to the biggest musical concerts or operas. Just walk outside and you will soon hear somebody play music.

Take time to enjoy the instrumentals, the lyrics and everything else about the music playing. Listen to upbeat music. Listen to music actively rather than passively.