How and Why Do Moral Dilemmas Help Our Society?

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something but you weren’t comfortable with what you were about to do to get it? That could be a moral dilemma.

More often than not, when faced with a moral dilemma, we choose the easy way out. We know that the easy way will likely be to the detriment of someone else, but we still do it to serve our personal interests.

Other times, we choose to do the right thing because we can’t bear the burden of breaching our morals. Or simply because we believe we’ll get caught in the immoral act.

But where do these morals that hold us hostage come from and are they good for society? Morals are in most cases instilled within us by society, family, media, religion and other elements within our environment as we grow.

As we get older, our morals expand and evolve as our own conscious mind rationalizes and suggests to us what morals we should choose to follow or ignore.

Interestingly, what counts as generally accepted morals in one society will likely differ in another society. But regardless of what morals are generally accepted in your society, do those morals and their associated ethical dilemmas actually make your society a better place?

Many say yes, and we agree and here’s why.

Without Morals We are Nothing More than Animals

Many believe what separates from animals are higher brain function and opposable thumbs.

But morals are what truly separates us from beasts. Without morals, we’d live in a society where activities such as the powerful exploiting the weak and inbreeding like animals would be commonplace.

Thanks to morals, we can identify what is right from wrong and can then use our intelligence and willpower to choose to do the right thing for the sake of the sanctity of our society. It is because of morals we embrace concepts such as equal rights and respect for other life.

moral choices

If everyone at the same time were to suddenly throw their morals out the window and act strictly on their baser instincts, the world would surely devolve into chaos.

Morals Help Us Evolve

When faced with a moral dilemma and the best course of action seems to be the wrong one, we are forced to think outside the box and come up with new solutions to the quandary.

Society and laws go hand in hand together!

Facing moral dilemmas activates our creativity as a society and helps us take our humanity to a new level to achieve better and greater things.

Moral dilemmas actually lessen stress

In a society where morals are an afterthought, the innocent tend to be stressed. This is because they live in constant fear that they will be exploited. But when a society is guided by sane morals, everyone can live in peace and happiness.

Sticking with morals also takes the burden off individuals who are forced to make unethical decisions that they are uncomfortable with. With ethical rationale to back up their choice to do what they believe is right, they can go about their business with a lighter heart.

So do moral dilemmas help society?



By keeping society sane and safe.

The moral dilemma in society is what grooms us to be reasonable, law-abiding and responsible people. Never underestimate the influence of morals, especially during our formative years. Without moral dilemmas to guide our actions, we’d be nothing but savages psychologically, financially, physically, and emotionally preying on one another.

That is not a society you or your child would want to live in.