Does Fate Exist?

To some people, fate is nothing more than a fantasy. Others swear and live by it. Those who believe in it, conduct their affairs fully aware that they will reap what they sow. Many people believe that fate always takes its own course. This latter group believes that fate has a mind of its own. Hearing what the different sides say about fate may leave you feeling more confused though.

Let’s try to answer this question.

Does fate exist? Is fate a real thing? What is fate, in the first place?

Fate refers to how things progress outside of your control. It refers to the path that your life takes despite the best choices and decisions you make. Fate is the work of a supernatural power or force in your life. It’s something pre-destined to happen and which you have no control over. It is just how your life turns out regardless of your actions. It is an end that nobody saw coming.

A few examples would suffice to help provide a better understanding of fate. Let’s consider sports, football in particular. In the UEFA Champions League final of 2005 between Liverpool and AC Milan, the Italian side was better than Liverpool in terms of experience and technical abilities. In the first half, AC Milan led 3-0 and Liverpool seemed dead and buried. By the end of the night, Liverpool would be crowned champions though. Some put it down to fate.

Have you heard or read of a homeless man winning a lottery and living well once again?

What about a grandmother renting a house to a tenant who later marries her grandson?

Abraham Lincoln lost many times in life only to be elected the United States’ 16th president.

There are countless examples that show fate is real. Talk to your friends and you will be left wondering if they are where they are because of fate. To many people, life doesn’t turn out exactly how they envisioned it. It takes a path of its own. Fate isn’t something you can explain. It goes beyond conscious awareness. It represents quantum uncertainty. The question worth asking though is, if we believe in fate, what does that say about our free will?

If fate will do whatever it wants, does that nullify our choices and decisions?

Does fate make us helpless in life? Does it make us its prisoners?

Fate has a hint of inevitability to it.

Fate is inexplicable.

Fate is beyond comprehension.

Fate just happens.

Fate is unknowable, moderate and extreme in equal measure.

Fate exists.