Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Sometimes You may ask Yourself – Does everything happen for a reason?

In life, there are always times when we feel sad and aimless. We are fired from work, we get sick, we lose our house or our family, and we ask ourselves:

Why me?

Just a look at the news is enough to find out about natural disasters, tragedies and illness in all parts of the world.

What sense can I make from all this?

For some people, the answer may be in religion.

To think that everything is part of God’s plan, or karma or a divine destiny written by some supernatural entity. This may comfort some, but it is not always enough.

Is everything in the world simply chaos?


However, it is a sort of “ordered chaos”. Everything in the universe is connected. At first glance, everything may seem like a complete chance. But by observing carefully we can find that there are patterns. Causes and effects.

Then things start to make sense and we can then write laws and principles full of beauty that not only explain why things are the way they are but also lead us to predict what they will be like later. If you stay attentive you can see how everything falls into place.

Breast cancer case

Some time ago, a radio host in Mexico started a campaign to prevent breast cancer. She called on women to go with their doctor for a checkup. While she was in these activities, somebody suggested her to take a checkup herself, and she did.

Reason why - breast check up

The result: cancer.

While she was with a nurse talking about the matter, about how strange was finding out that she had cancer while she was leading a campaign for early detection, the nurse answered: “Then your campaign worked on you”.

She was in shock. She did not know it at first but had it not been for this campaign that she started thinking about other women, she might have learned about her own illness too late.

Maybe even mentioning breast cancer in this post has a meaning…

One may think that she was lucky, that what happened to her is not always the case. Sometimes tragedy takes over us and there is no opportunity to step aside.

Never stop fighting

However, one should never stop fighting. We are not alone, there is always someone watching. You never know who is going to take you as a reference, for good or bad.

Never stop improving Yourself!
Never stop improving Yourself!

The way in which you face adversity can be an example for other people going through it. It is important to learn from all experiences, good or bad, and get the best out of it.

You have to focus on the “what is it for”, not the “why”.

This change of focus from the past to the future is positive.

It gives us back a sense of control.

Remember that the human being is an evolving entity. Like the rock that with each blow of the hammer shows the sculpture that it has hidden inside, the difficult moments teach us who we really are.

“No captain became expert in a calm sea, “As Arthur Golden said.

We may not understand the meaning of a particular individual history, but the collective consciousness may have its own path.

Remember that we are just one more fiber in the fabric of our species. It’s all about perspective. The things we are going through can be part of a growth process.

It is possible that one is skeptical and thinks that everything is just chance. However, an example can show the difference that a person’s attitude can make.

Skeptics and believers in supernatural

An experiment was done where the researchers divided the participants into two groups, one of the skeptics and one of the believers in the supernatural.

Everyone was given to read the same magazine, which contained an advertisement that said that if they showed it to the researchers, they would receive an economic reward.

The result?

In the group of believers, there were many more people who saw the announcement and gave it to the researcher compared to the group of skeptics.

If you want to find meaning around you, you need to have an open mind.

We are the directors of our destiny. You can choose to let the tide take you, or choose to use the wind in your favor. There will always be pain and sorrow in the world, but also dance and singing. Everything is part of the human plot of which you are part of. Your role may not be very clear for now, but you must have faith and concentrate on the “what is it for” of things. From there, the “how” will be clearer to you when the time comes.

How calligraphy helped Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time was given in adoption by his biological mother. His new parents promised to send him to college, but he dropped out shortly after being admitted given the heavy economic load it represented for his parents.

Calligrapher as a reason why?

That caused him many problems, but it also allowed him to study the things that really interested him, including a class of calligraphy.

At that time he did not know it, but that would be useful later in the creation of the Macintosh, the first computer with a beautiful typography.

A few years later his company would become the multimillionaire. Then they would fire him. But then that experience would take him down new paths of success.

Focus on problems or the future?

Regular people tend to concentrate on problems.

Successful people are focused on the future.

Focus on future

Where can this take me, and how can I get there?

Sometimes the path is difficult and dark and it is impossible to see what is ahead, but everything pass. The important thing is to continue breathing.

Do we live in a world of chaos? – Yes.

Is there a plan in all this? – That’s true too.

Keep on looking for light. Thank things for their service, the clothes that cover you, the chair that supports you, the air that keeps you alive.

Choose to have a positive approach, the narrative you want to choose. Remember: Everything happens for a good reason!