Are Highly Intelligent People Less Happy? – “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”

Ernest Hemingway has rightly said, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”. Intelligent people might have accomplished great things in their work, having a loving life partner or a loving family, but at times, intelligent people to agonize from sadness, loneliness or conflicted thoughts.

Overthinking has a negative impact on happiness

According to the research, it has been found that people with higher IQ levels are considered to be overthinkers. They tend to analyze each and every aspect of life and beyond. As a result of this, it transports them to undesirable, unwanted situations that even don’t exist at all.

intelligence, happiness and IQ

Happiness and intelligence do not harmonize with each other. Happiness is all about living each and every moment without thinking for a second. The less you understand and overthink, the happier and carefree you will be. However, in the case of intelligence, it is a complete polarity. Examining each and every situation leaves a person in a miserable and devastating situation.

Overachieving and Happiness

Smart and intelligent people truly know what they want in their life and hence, they do not settle for anything less. It doesn’t matter how far they have reached in their life, it is difficult for them to settle with present things.

Goal achieving and happiness

They want something bigger in their life that can make them happy in every way possible. Intelligent people have got excellent theoretical minds, hence it makes them uneasy to fit into a mediocre world.

They got an idealistic perception of the world. Hence, when their expectations meet reality check, it lands them into disappointment. Intelligent people are highly susceptible to what people think about themselves. Reading people’s hidden motives is enough to make them anxious and restless. They are too much confined to themselves.

People with high IQ usually do not allow any people in their life unless they know their “Real” character. They are deep-thinking individuals who analyze each and every behavior of the person in a rigorous manner.

Past Experiences, Guilt and Negative Emotions

Many times, it has been observed that intelligent people are often prone to past experiences that foster feelings of discontentment, negative emotions and guilt in their life, due to which these experiences do not open future joy and happiness in front of them. These emotions hinder or block their gateway towards happiness that they have always set an eye for. Moreover, such people are always prone to over-thinking as they analyze every circumstance twice.

Past experience and Happiness

The entire concept of too much thinking is not only overwhelming but exhausting as well. Your thoughts can over-power your entire existence as well as can put you down with their weights. Often, we have been hearing this many times that the world is over-occupied by wrong people and men. But the entire point is why do you have to consider it twice? Whatever other people do, it isn’t your responsibility as well as you have no power or control over it right? Then why the intelligent folks have to over-think every part of it?

Another point is that the person with a high IQ always wants to do every task with precision and carefulness, and in such times, when the cards don’t come out in their favor, they get disappointed. It has to be understood that at times when things don’t go according to you, it is okay, and you don’t have to feel disheartened for that. But this type of practical knowledge is not present in the intelligent men.

Final Words on Happiness

We can conclude that intelligent men will have all the success and luck in their life, but still, they yearn to ask for more can lead them into altogether overwhelming situations. Basically, they want more out of simple things and when they fail to meet their expectations it leads to a situation where they are more of annoyed as well as frustrated by themselves. Not only this, happiness is a state of mind and intelligence is the scope of the mind.

When you are happy, you are more focused on the present state of events. But, when you are just intelligent, you fail to accept your present as you want more out of it. Furthermore, an intelligent state of mind refuses to settle but a happy mind is like a fluid, it will adjust itself in no matter what may be the situation.